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Alexander Millar - Me Ol China

Product Code: ALET7 | Publisher: Washington Green | Condition: New | Type of Print: Giclee on Paper | Image Size: 18 by 14 | Edition Size: 195 | Signed By: Alexander Millar

A slight change to Alexander Millar's infamous gadgies and gals - a cockney version from the East End of London - very appropriate in this year of the Queen's Jubilee and the London Olympics. The Pearly Kings and Queens are to London, what the Gadgies are the the North East - They originated from street market vendors who also used rhyming slang as a form of collusion amongst themselves to avoid their customers know what they were talking about. Me Ol China, originates from China Plate - mate, further shortened into just China. These two old mates are supporting each other in several senses of the phrase!

Available fully framed as illustrated.

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Framed £399.00
Alexander Millar - Me Ol China

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