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Here is a brief glossary of some of the more common terms used on our, and other art suppliers websites.

Box Canvas

Box canvas refers to a print on canvas that has then been stretched over a wooden subframe. It is designed to be hung without a frame to give a clean, contemporary look.


A high quality digital printing process developed in the 1990's and now used to produce most of the limited ediiton prints we stock. Colourfast inks are used and the objective of the printer is to produce a reproduction that is as close to the original as possible.

Hand Embellished

Some prints have an element of hand finishing to enhance the image. This can take the form of the addition of 3D items such a gems, dried flowers and hay (in Caroline Shotton's work) to textured varnishes to produce a finish close to the original artwork.

Giclee on Board

The image is printed onto a rigid board sometimes covered in canvas. The picture the has a protective coating added so that it can be framed without glass.

Limited Edition

Most of the prints we sell are strictly limited to a varying total quantity. The total quantity produced is stated on the product information page as "Edition Size" When you receive your print there will be a number on the print (sometimes, but rarely, on the back of the print) in the form of a fraction, e.g 22/95. This means that your print is print number 22 out of an edition size of 95. Most, but not all, limited edition prints have a Certificate of Authenticity, produced by the publisher confirming the details of the type of print, edition size and other technical information. Keep this certificate safe.


Prints on paper are offered for sale mounted. A mount, (known as a mat in some countries) is a piece of card cut with a window to show the artwork. Its purpose is twofold. Firstly it enhances the artwork, separating it from the frame, secondly it protects the artwork from condensation that may occur stopping the artwork from sticking to the glass and thus ruining it. We only use acid free or conservation grade mountboard on our art work.

Mounted and Framed

All of our pictures can be supplied mounted and framed with a frame of the customers choice. We usually supply the pictures framed in the frame illustrated on the product description page, however, occasionally,  the frame illustrated may not be available and so an alternative will be offered. If a customer requires a frame other than the frame illustrated, it can be easily organised - email for details.

Slip Frame.

An original oil painting or a print on board is usually framed without glass. A slip frame is a narrow frame that fits between the main, or outer, frame and the artwork. Its purpose is mainly decorative to give the picture more depth.



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