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Marvel - Star Wars 23 - Flight Into Fury- paper

Product Code: MARP156 | Publisher: Washington Green | Condition: New | Type of Print: Giclee on Paper | Image Size: 24 by 16.5 | Edition Size: 295 +29aps 10HCs and 100 international | Signed By: Stan Lee

 Marvel - Star Wars #23 - Flight Into Fury- on paper

The Marvel Star Wars comic series, published between 1977 - 1986, was the first official comic book adaptation of Star Wars and proved a to be a smash hit on its release. Translated into limited edition art for the first time, this collection of iconic comic book covers celebrates one of the most famous film franchises of all time and encapsulates the battle between good and evil which both Star Wars and Marvel are recognised for.
Penned and inked by some of the greatest comic book artists and illustrators, including Carmine Infantino, Walt Simonson and Al Williamson, and chosen, curated and hand-signed by Stan Lee, this new collection is not to be missed.

The paper edition is available at special sale prices - print only, original price £575 now only £425

As Simon Greyshade and Princess Leia prepare to leave The Wheel, Imperial stormtroopers attempt to stop them as Commander Strom realises that he has been betrayed by Greyshade. However Greyshade, tired of being upstaged by Luke Skywalker's noble actions, decides to allow Luke and Leia leave with their droids on his ship while he stays behind to cover their escape. After they depart, Strom confronts the wounded Greyshade intent on carrying out some revenge, but Greyshade foils that as well by tossing a proton grenade in Strom's direction killing him and fatally wounding Greyshade as well as critically damaging his droid Master-Com. In the meantime, Chewbacca is leaving the main event of The Big Game with his partner Han Solo, who although was apparently killed in the event, now reveals himself to be perfectly healthy. The two make their way to the Millennium Falcon and leave The Wheel just in time to confront Darth Vader's battlecruiser. But Luke, while piloting the space yacht, stuns Vader through the use of the Force for just long enough for both Rebel craft to escape into hyperspace.


Marvel - Star Wars #23 - Flight Into Fury- on paper

Sale Price - Unframed £425.00
£575.00 £425.00
Marvel - Star Wars 23 - Flight Into Fury- paper

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