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Michael Abrams

Michael Abrams

At a parents meeting in 1969 when I was eight years old, my junior school teacher Mrs.Knight asked my parents a searching question - ‘Is anyone in your family artistic?’ Although intrigued they both could not recall anyone on either side of my family ever having any artistic ability and so could not throw light on why my teacher thought I had a creative streak. It is still a mystery to this day.
Although I was very average at most school subjects I relished the chance to paint and draw in the art classes. At a time when most teachers and pupils didn’t take art classes very seriously I would arrive early for the lesson and make sure everyone had paper and pencils ready and all the powder paints were topped up and ready to go.
This was so no painting time was wasted with children mucking around and I could enjoy a full afternoon being creative.
I have been inspired by the work of artists as diverse as David Hockney, Beatrix Potter and Picasso and in the cartoon styles o Read More

Most days start with either a cross country jog or a trip to the gym. This is important as not only does it keep me fit and healthy but it is where I think up new ideas. I usually start painting about 9.30am in my home studio and continue until the light fades which can be quite late in the summer. I prefer to sketch ideas in the evening when the light is not so important.At the end of the day I always ask my wife Mandy for her opinion as she views everything with a fresh eye and always gives her honest opinion. I usually work on many paintings at once so I can revisit them at different times and spot any potential problems early.
It’s amazing how tiring and frustrating painting can be sometimes, but to have a career doing something I love is a rare thing and one which I never take for granted.

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