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Peter Smith - Snow Whites Snow White Adventure

Product Code: PETDDVH579 | Publisher: Washington Green | Condition: New | Type of Print: Giclee on canvas board | Image Size: 26 by 19.75 inches | Edition Size: 250 | Signed By: Peter Smith

In 2015 they started the journey with the critically acclaimed collection Lost Alice and the first four chapters of the Lost Alice story.

Now, in 2018 it's time to return.

Only this time it's on a bigger scale than you could ever imagine in a land that's worth its weight in shoes.

Peter and Jayne Smith’s new Wizard of Oz and Other Tall Tales collection sees some of our nation’s best-loved stories transformed for a thoroughly Impossimal experience.
From hidden nursery rhymes to familiar fairy tales, the two pieces – ‘All This Over A Pair Of Shoes’ and ‘Snow White’s Snow White Adventure’ – take viewers on a literary journey they are unlikely to forget. Coming along for the ride are his lovable Lost Impossimal characters, adored by fans worldwide.

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Sale Price - Framed £300.00
£595.00 £300.00
Peter Smith - Snow Whites Snow White Adventure

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